My résumé, in brief.

Along with my parents' good advice around the dinner table, genetics may also have offered me certain advantages. I studied advertising in college and then worked as an art director at several ad agencies. Now a one-man design studio, I love the variety of design challenges that I help solve each day.

An eye for detail.

With 25+ years of experience, I can offer a focused solution for most any design or marketing project:
• Advertising • Brochures • Logos & Branding •
Packaging • Books • Invitations • Digital Media

Your challenge takes vision.


Just as I fine-tune words on the page, I also retool images to yield the most dynamic results. By erasing flaws, boosting color and enhancing detail, the end result can successfully connect with viewers.

Wordsmithing isn’t always part of a designer’s domain, but it’s vital to my work. My writing background helps me refine the message in every communication. One client recently called me “the master of brevity” for simplifying her ad campaign.

I look forward to hearing from you and, perhaps, helping develop a clear direction for your marketing communications or design project.


Let's talk.



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